Random thoughts and some project stuff

This week’s been a little tiring and overwhelming, so I don’t have a nice polished blog entry. I’m fine, everything’s fine, it’s just a combination of technical difficulties, slight arm pain caused by sleeping on the side I got the covid vaccine on, and a big deadline coming up fast and hitting hard. Instead, I thought I’d follow in the fine tradition of the Yarn Harlot  (she’s a great writer, but hasn’t blogged much lately) and present a random collection of images and projects that I’m working on that aren’t enough to get their own entry but do deserve at least a mention. About half of this is rpg related, about half is yarn related, and all of this is theoretically at least half-decent. 

The benefits of a nonexistent budget

I don’t have much of a budget for yarn or rpgs. In fact, most of the time, my budget is best described as nonexistent, for a handful of reasons. In addition, I have highly limited space. These two things combined mean that I rarely buy things, and if I can, I will always try to make do with what I have. However, though it may seem like a bad thing, I actually love my situation (most of the time). The budget, and the fact that the budget is not easy to stretch, has taught me a lot of lessons about myself and my crafting and gaming.

A guide to the DnDBeyond character builder and building your first D&D5e character

 I haven’t done anything particularly noteworthy lately, just swatching for lace and trying to plan out a rpg campaign so it ends by the middle of August when we lose a dedicated player, so today you get a guide to the DnDBeyond character builder that’s mostly here because I’m tired of copy-pasting it into a really long email for new players in one of my games a couple times a month. This guide is tailored for people playing in the campaign I’m running through our local library (read: it details making a 5th level character for d&d5e) and uses the example of a 5th level fighter, because I don’t recommend playing a magic user of some kind as your first character (but the advice is applicable to anyone, I think).  Most of this is copied directly from an email thread with a completely new player trying to make her first character, an “elf who uses a bow” (actual description). This is going to be a really long post, so it may be best to read and follow along at the same time.

Papagena Shawl — pattern and pictures

I finished this a few weeks ago, and I’m finally sharing both pictures and a free pattern for my new favorite shawl (and, hopefully, I might even be able to figure out ravelry posting)! I love shawls because they go with everything, and this one combines rainbow colors, a feathery border, and beautiful drapeiness. 

Solo Meditations, Solo Games

 This week has been a little hard for me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I feel out of control and I’m having trouble coping. So I thought today I’d talk about using solo rpgs as a sort of guided meditation, as well as share two that I recently finished writing.  Update, March 27, 2021: I messed something up with the permalink Thursday when I tried to rename the post after I published it, and I had to unpublish and republish the post to fix it  I apologize if it shows up twice.  Second update: Unpublishing and republishing didn’t let me change the permalink, so I’m sorry if it shows up twice for absolutely no reason.  Third update: fixed, after yet another unpublishing and republishing. I think. And at the expense of having to change the date. It was really bugging me.

Easter Egg Roving

Tuesday afternoon, the Easter egg dyes (we use food coloring) were out around here (not for the hard boiled eggs yet, but for some wooden ones and some shells), and I decided it was about time to try dyeing roving with the leftovers. I shared some process photos  yesterday , but I wanted to share a sort of tutorial about it, because it was a cheap, fairly easy, way to dye fiber. 

I am besotted.

 I know it’s only Wednesday, not Thursday. I promise an actual post tomorrow is coming about this and that I’m going to try to stick to my Thursday blogging schedule, but look at these pictures! Beauty incarnate. I had to share. You understand, right?