Rock This Dance

 Happy Thursday! I swear I’m not dead, yet. Just busy. Anyways, it’s almost Homecoming (actually, today is day 4 of hoco spirit week) and I’d like to share a thing I wrote. It is a gaming thing. I have been alluding to it on and off since June.  It’s about homecoming. Specifically, it’s a game about having fun with your friends at homecoming and then realizing there’s an eldritch being at the dance as well. And then figuring out what to do about it. It’s not meant to be a scary game, it’s supposed to be pretty light and cozy.  Anyways, it’s called Rock This Dance and there’s a PDF that looks all pretty and a gdoc in case the pdf doesn’t work. Let me know what you think!  (Technically this was beta read. If you call throwing a pdf at a friend who then skims it beta read. Point is, comments very much welcome and encouraged.)

Club Day

Ugh, club day. Too much being a smiley person for me, thanks. It was not helped by the fact that I was running on like no sleep. (I stayed up to make triboards for two clubs, which might have been a bit overly ambitious.) Anyways, that’s why I didn’t post yesterday. So tonight I used family movie night as an excuse to project all my complex emotions about club day onto some characters from a story I’m writing. I don’t know whether I’ve ever talked about this on the internet before, but I guess this snippet I’m really happy with is a good start.  The bare minimum context is that it’s about a bunch of high school theater kids, about half of whom are magical in some way; this includes the main character, eleventh grader and threadmage María Soledad “Solí” Armijo Riveras, and her banshee girlfriend Elia Graydaughter. Everyone involved is queer and magical and just trying to get through high school, and they have shenanigans and friendship and stuff.  (CW: mentions of transphobia, bullying,

Musing on friendship bracelets

 Sorry about last week. Blogging has kind of fallen by the wayside, in favor of school stuff. Happy senior year to me.  Anyways, on the bright side, now that I’m back in school, I’m back to cavandoli work, aka friendship bracelet making! For school, friendship bracelets are one of my favorite fidgets because I can stick them in a pocket and work on them any time I have a free second.  Pink and purple four strand braid, green and yellow and metallic blue stripes, green and blue braided, green and blue thin candy-stripes, rainbow candy stripes, pink and gold braid, gray and blue and red asymmetrical fun.  This is my current assortment, four of which are relatively new — one was a birthday present and the other three were things I did this week.  There are a few reasons I choose bracelet-making as my fidget craft during the school year, which I thought I might briefly mention. Obviously, it’s small, and easily put away, so it’s okay to have in class. It’s also a lot better on my poor wris

Birthday photos!

 Today was the second day of school and I have opinions but mostly trip photos. And some from senior sunrise this morning, and a super amazing thing one of my best friends sent me for my birthday.  (Blogger turns photos sideways for some reason but) The City Spies, as drawn and painted by one of my besties!!! Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s a scene from book 1, and if it wasn’t late I’d find the exact page reference, but it’s amazing and gorgeous.  Drone on a model coaster  Beach sunset, seen through trees CA museum!  Went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, saw lots of kelp Asilomar at high tide — just as cool as at low tide More Asilomar  Beach sunset again! Meet Lilac Lavender, the purple tardigrade plush I got from the aquarium  Steinbeck museum had to have Steinbeck somewhere… CA museum again, this time the quilt Senior sunrise, spindle sunrise… take your pick! Birthday cake! Lilac in a tree at the campground Coals at night  More senior sunrise, without the spindle  Sardines schooling — this is

Birthday Poem Dump

 I will have a photodump from the trip we went on next week, once I’ve had a bit to process, and I’ll talk about some fun yarn stuff and game stuff soon (it’s been a while, I know, I’ve had a weird summer), but this week is all about poetry, specifically a whole bunch of poem snippets I wrote over the last few days. (Thursday’s note: This was supposed to go out yesterday, to make up for absolutely nothing last week and in celebration of my birthday, but the beach happened so I didn’t write.) This is mostly a loose celebration, in an odd way, that it’s my birthday and as such I can do whatever I want here (still true even when it isn’t my birthday. Let me have my moment of oddity though), so I’m posting poetry.  Something There is something very poetic about all this — late afternoon sun in my eyes hair and skirt flowing, swirling in the wind  strings streaming from my hands while I weave  Weaving I am  Weaving a poem As I am knotting this bracelet Because There is just  Something about


 Today went badly. Here. Dog picture courtesy of my awesome honorary aunt. He’s very cute and just as sweet as her. That’s it that’s all I have to say.

State fair photodump

 Hello from the state fair, where my Forget-Me-Not Table Topper placed first in class (16-18yo) and best in division (youth fabrics and textiles)!!! That’s all, now a brief photodump of all the cool stuff I saw.  My piece These are all the cool crafts.