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 I’m having a day and haven’t gotten enough real stuff done to justify writing much of anything. I started but life happened. Sorry. Have yarn pictures instead. Probably recent. Hopefully new. I kinda don’t care now.  Pouches Double sided cavandoli experiment Murderbot and art as Christmas cookies The other side of the cavandoli thing 

Magical Physics (and Mathematics) part 1: Gaming the (spell level) System

This is the first part of a complex project I’m working on for a number of unrelated reasons (sort of a bet, sort of a dare, and then I got really intrigued…) that has to do with the real-world physics of D&D5e magic, and translating magic to physics equations. The goal is to be able to write something that looks like it could be a chapter out of a physics textbook, but for D&D magic-users. The first step, though, is to be able to come up with a way of representing magical power (in game terms, spell slots) as something that can be worked with (an equation or a constant or something).  I started with a simple method that took the number and level of spell slots for a given character level and produces a single measure of magical power. I used the table for multiclass character spell slots by level (PH 165) for all my work, because I wanted something that did not require a specific class. This method should work for providing a measure of power for any class that can cast spells

Christmas presents revealed

 Happy new year! I just have a quick post today because things have hit the ground running this year. I made all but one of my Christmas presents this year, so I thought I’d post some of the photos today, now that they’ve all been opened. Some of these have my construction notes, none of these have proper patterns. There are a few other gifts I made for the family, but I’m not posting them (one’s personal, and one I forgot about pictures until after it was mailed). A scarf for my grandfather (Lion Brand Homespun, N hook, just 18dc across until the yarn ran out) An amigurumi spaceship (inspired by/intended to be the millennium falcon, but messed up with engine placement). Boring gray yarn, an H hook, and worked in parts so the edges were fairly crisp and even.  The edge of one of the embroidered towels I did. All of the towels used DMC pearl cotton, worked pretty haphazardly.  One of the pair of fingerless gloves I made my sister. It’s variegated yarn, with an H hook, and I worked a cab

Extreme minimalism

 I woke up this morning to a bunch of texts from one of my group chats buzzing. Two people had spent about half the night swapping drabbles (in case that’s a new term for you — they’re a term for stories, usually fanfics, that are exactly a hundred words long and a complete story) about any number of things (it started as d&d character drabbles, then switched to actual fanfics). Towards the time I woke up, they had switched to shorter stories, challenging each other to get shorter and shorter but still tell a good story. The last one was only 10 words! I’m also reading some vintage crochet and knitting patterns that were written when space was at a premium. They tend toward, well, short and concise don’t even begin to describe them. More like incomplete (sometimes) and requiring interpretation (always).  So I got inspired. Here are a bunch of really short rpgs and patterns. Each paragraph is a new one, and I’ll give a word count for each, based on the word processor I use. All of t

…And a crafter in a yarn tree!

 Happy holidays! I am refraining from pictures of ungiven gifts until next week, but I do have a pattern to share, finally!  This is a very simple pattern (US crochet terms) for fingerless mitts in bulky yarn, although I’ve made them in plenty of other yarn weights and they turn out beautifully. If your hands are a much different size from mine, or you want to use different size yarn, your width should be just barely enough to wrap around the thickest part of your palm (where your thumb attaches) plus 2 stitches for the join, and your length should be enough to go from a little ways down your wrist to just past your finger joints. I tend to cut the last row out of mine because I don’t like being restricted in my fingers even the tiniest bit. These are basically a rectangle of double crochet with a hole in it, although I’ve done patterned ones before (cables are a lovely addition to ones worked in a smooth worsted weight yarn). For smaller yarns, I tend to use a hook of an appropriate s

The Non-Crafter’s Guide to Holiday Crafting

 This is a PSA. If you are a crafter and stressed about holiday deadlines, leave this around and maybe people will stop bugging you. If you are not a crafter and you're reading this because you're reading my blog -- laugh, then take heed for the future. If you're not a crafter, you didn't come to my blog, and you're reading this because someone left this around -- you might be in need of this guide on a more immediate basis. I'm writing this for that third group, the brave souls sharing a house or deep friendship with a crafter during this holiday season (and my family, who are all in that group).  What is Holiday Crafting? Holiday crafting (this is just my definition) is crafting done under at least one of these conditions: a) it takes place during the holiday season and/or b) it is intended as a gift or decoration from the holiday season. Usually, this also refers to gifts made on a deadline during the holiday season. It can be any craft, and in any stage of c

Spinning and procrastinating

 I’m busy this week so here’s pictures. Mostly spinning. Haven’t done Christmas presents as much as I should. I’m missing materials anyways. Roving I loosely put together and spun. Wool.  White cotton-ball cotton (more on that at a later time) and the roving above. Both about fingering weight, chainplied.  Chainplied cotton from a ball I dyed a while ago  Wider shot of the dyed cotton More pictures of finished things Cotton on the spindle Wool ready to be plied